"I’ve encountered many managers and supervisors in my life, but for the most part, these individuals were not true leaders. Many were self-serving, dishonest, and/or abusive to employees. It was clear that they ruled the group of which they were in charge, and that the members of those groups simply did as they were told in order to avoid negative consequences. There was no motivation other than a sort of fear. There was no confidence or support inspired upon the group, nor positive influence of any kind, rather a somewhat robotic following of orders.

The most effective leader I’ve encountered in my career was not a supervisor at all, but a teacher named Cortni Saunders. Ms. Saunders has a way of motivating her students to do their very best, and then a little bit better, thereby redefining each student’s very best. She leads by example, showing her students what they can accomplish with time and dedication.

Ms. Saunders is a calm and patient person who manages to remain that way when faced with frustrations. She’s always in a pleasant mood, and always willing to take the time to help each of her students achieve their personal goals. I believe this is an important characteristic of an effective leader: the ability to bring out the best in those that follow. She challenges and encourages her students every step of the way.

From Ms. Saunders, I learned that my very best is always good enough, and that I can successfully accomplish any goal I set my mind to. I learned that patience with others will take me far. I learned that we all have room to grow, as individuals, as leaders, and as students. She’s motivated me to constantly improve upon myself and to always strive for my very best."  -Kelley Dodd


"I highly recommend Mindful Motion Yoga Center for the novice student to those who have practiced for many years. Cortni Saunders is an exceptionally gifted teacher. I am older and new to yoga, so finding the right instructor was extremely important. She has carefully guided my progress from learning the most basic postures to more advanced. Through her guidance, I have experienced not only the joy of yoga movement but the more rewarding & often overlooked by those seeking just an aerobic class, peace and tranquility her teaching methods bring to students. Once you enter her beautiful studio all cares are left behind!"  -Bonnie Laylon


"Finding Mindful Motion Yoga has brought a multitude of blessings to me. I am a relatively new yogi, with a year and a half’s experience and my goal was to find someone who was willing to teach someone new to yoga. Cortni Saunders has shared her knowledge and passion in each and every class. Every visit brings a newness and a joyful challenge to my practice that keeps me always eager for my next chance to grace the doorway of her studio!"  -April Wilson


"Mindful Motion Yoga Center is my sanctuary. I can enter the door feeling deflated or stressed about various challenges life presents and after spending an hour and fifteen minutes guided by Cortni Saunders’s instruction, I exit the studio door feeling at peace. My path began in 2004 and Cortni has been there every step of the way as friend, a mentor, and an instructor. She celebrates with me during the best of times and uplifts me during difficult patches. Cortni has the ability to make those new to the studio feel at home. She has been quite instrumental in cultivating a strong, close knit yoga Sangha. I feel so blessed to be a part of this unique path."  -Christine


"Mindful Motion Yoga has been a wonderful place for me to learn the art of yoga. Cortni gives each student individual attention which is important because we need to be in proper position to get the full benefit of the stretch. I highly recommend this studio. Everybody is very nice and supportive. I love the studio and Cortni truly cares about your well being and health."  -Ginnie Donaldson


"I’m a 63 year old yogi who has been practicing for more than 8 years. I have been a student of Cortni’s at Mindful Motion Yoga Center for about 2 years. I have been to other studios to practice, but my practice with Cortni has been my most enlightening. I started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, but have received so much more mindfully and spiritually practicing with Cortni. I like the peacefulness of her studio location and the welcoming atmosphere inside. Cortni is patient, compassionate, knowlegable, and fun! I know I am not the same person, in many ways, as I was a few years ago and I owe a lot of that change to my teacher, Cortni."  -Karen Myers


"I have known Cortni, owner of Mindful Motion Yoga, for over 6 years when she and I were first starting our yoga practice. Since that time, I have studied yoga with several teachers, but none has ever given me the spiritual or physical needs that I find through my practice with Cortni. Her studio is filled with peace, tranquility, and camaraderie. I always look forward to entering the door of her studio and, when I do, my mind and body feels as one. When leaving each class, I know that I have fulfilled both my physical and mental needs. Cortni is truly one of my most wonderful blessings."  -Jimmi McCarter


"I have been practicing asanas at Mindful Motion Yoga Center for about two years. Cortni has been an excellent instructor, adjusting my postures and encouraging me to challenge myself. She is well-schooled, kind & patient; and Mindful Motion Studio is a serene, welcoming environment. My stress level is down & my self confidence is up -- thanks to MMYC!"  -Linda Hamlin


"Mindful Motion is unique because of the small class size and the hands on instruction. Cortni not only tells you how to do it, she shows you how to do it and also adjusts your body so it is in proper alignment in each pose."  -Becky Jones